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Weight Loss results vary from person to person.

- offered in two convenient locations in Somerset County, NJ by Dr. Craig and Leslie Siegel

At idealNOW Weight Loss Centers, this husband and wife team are putting their years of experience in the health care field helping people lose weight fast and address metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides) and Type II diabetes with the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method.

But the program doesn't stop there. Through a 4-phase method, you will learn how different foods interact with your body and how you can stabilize and maintain an optimal weight for life. You will work one-on-one personally with our experienced diet coaches learning key weight loss tips alongside our diet plans.

Read our real life weight loss success stories and view our before and after weight loss photos of how Ideal Protein has changed our dieters' lives. Contact us today to learn more about this effective program and how you too can lose weight and improve your health and vitality!  Our idealNOW Weight Loss Centers are located in Warren, NJ and Pluckemin, NJ.  

For delicious low fat low carb recipes visit Ideal Protein’s Chef Verati’s website:

Our dieters have lost over 30,000 lbs. since 2010!

Office Hours

WARREN: 513 Warrenville Rd., Warren, NJ

Monday - Thursday: 8:30am - 2:00pm

Tuesday & Wednesday: 4:00 - 7:00pm

PLUCKEMIN @ Bedminster Chiropractic,318 Route 202/206 North, Pluckemin

Monday: 2:30 - 6:30pm

Tuesday: 2:00 - 4:00pm

Thursday: 8:30am - 2:00pm & 4:00pm - 7:00pm

Saturday: 8:00am - 11:00am

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Rapid and Safe Weight Loss with the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method